18 juin 2012

Hellfest 2012, photos

Samedi 16 juin

The Surgeon

The Metalheads

The Rock-Trooper

The Giant Metal Horns

The Lovers

The Conehead

The Machine Head fan

The Wounded

The Glam/Viking mix

Borat & Borat

The Monk

The Nun

The Officer

Mud Wrestling !

Mud Wrestling !

Mud Lovers

Man Vs. Woman

The Escapee

Punk Cat + Demis Roussos

Nap nap nap

The Mummy

Hellfest 2012 (21)

Super Mario ?

Some guys


The Big Mouth

The Warrior Monks

The Guns'n'Roses Fan

The Romantic Encounter



Some reading

Universal Studios Fan

The Mysterious Pair

The Death Metal Fan

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Captain America and cast #1

Captain America and cast #2

The Little Cow

Steel Panther

Michael Star (Steel Panther)

The Chicks

> Album sur Flickr : Hellfest 2012

2 commentaires:

Choucroute a dit…

Putain, ça me fait bien regretter de ne pas avoir pu aller.

Dr Chewbacca a dit…

Ouais c'est con t'aurais pu venir habillé comme eux http://www.flickr.com/photos/st3f4n/7396147648/

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