20 janv. 2009

Polysics - Colon / BBC - Japanorama

Si j'ai bien compris, ceci est à la fois le clip de la chanson de Polysics 'Colon' et le générique de la série de documentaires de la BBC, Japanorama. Série que vous pouvez télécharger ici mais je vous le déconseille car c'est illégal, alors encore une fois vous allez faire pleurer Pascal Nègre, et encore une fois Garou va vous faire les gros yeux.

La série Japanorama c'est ça (la flemme de traduire) :

A six-part TV series focusing on Japanese films, TV shows, anime, manga & culture, hosted by Jonathan Ross. Interviews include those with Lone Wolf and Cub comic writer Kazuo Koike, director Takeshi Miike, and many more. Jonathan Ross visits the set of the current Ultraman TV series, allows two former Godzilla actors to stomp model buildings, and speaks with Japan's top animators. Clips include those from Ringu, Spirited Away, Audition, Godzilla pics, some of Akira Kurosawa's films, Babycart movies and many more. Manga artist Junko Mizuno, who is interviewed, provides cartoon characters that are used throughout the series.

Episode 1: Science Fiction
- "Ultraman", with interview with the director. A long interesting feature.
- "Tetsuo: The iron man" (1998). Interview with director.
- Games, interview with the CEO of UGA.
- Etiquette: How to enter a room.
- Astro boy (1963), and Akira. Short features.
- "Ghost in the shell" and "Avalon", interview with director (Mamoru Oshii)
- Robot pets, and robotpeople.
- I.K.U., a movie on hi-tech sex.

Episode 2: Entertainment
- "Water boys"
- "Cupheads"
- Etiquette: How to laugh.
- JPOP Idols
- Interview with Hideaki Anno but mostly footage from the live movie "Love and Pop" (1998).
- "Hostbed" , this is how internet was meant to be.
- A interview with Miyazaki. Loads of footage.
- Battle Royale

Episode 3: Sex
- "Warm water under a red bridge",
- "Paradise TV", 24 hour erotic stuff.
- "The realm of the senses". Interview with directors etc.
- "Kings of pink", a bunch of offbeat erotica/artsy movies.
- Etiquette: Chopsticks!
- Arousing anime! Starts of with "Plastic Little" (1994).
- "Legend of the overfiend" (1989). tentacles!
- "Figure" (2001), cosplay with masks.
- "Tokyo Decadence", back to mainstream SM erotica.

Episode 4: Yakuza
- "Tokyo drifter" (1966)
- "Branded to kill" (1967)
- "Brother" (2000), interview with Takeshi Kitano
- Etiquette: How to exchange business cards.
- Interview with the director Takashi Miike. "City of lost souls" (2000), "Audition" (1999), "Ichi the killer" (2001)
- Reality TV, "Crybaby". Interview with producer and winner.
- Pizzicato 5, interview.
- Defining the difference between anime and cartoons. "The professional: Golgo 13" (1983)

Episode 5: Swords
- Manga. "Lone wolf & cub". Interview with "Kazuo Koike". Excerpts from live movies.
- Etiquette: How to bow
- "Zatoichi and the one armed swordsman" (1971)
- "Samurai Fiction" (1998), interview with director. "Red shadow".
- "Ninja scroll"
- Breadman
- "Onibaba" (1964)
- Kanasisters (???)
- "Supercar"/"White surf style no.5".
- "Seven Samurai" (1954)
- "Yojimno" (1961), hosts favourite from Akira.

Episode 6: Horror
- Interview with an architects, and godzilla actors.
- Etiquette: Numbers
- "Kwaidan" (1964)
- "Scarecrow" (2001)
- "St.John's Wort" (2001)
- "Ring" (1998), interview with the director. and "Ring 2"
- "Barefoot Gen" (1983), interview with writer.
- Junko Mizuno, interview
- Interview with "Dir en grey" and fans

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